Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Review: Robot Dreams by Sara Varnon

Reading Comics
"No wonder grownups don't read comics: they don't know how." -Hollis Rudiger

The quote above comes from an article I read while working on a project for an English course. A common misconception about comic books is that they are for children because they use pictures as a primary method to tell the story. Unfortunately once we are taught how to read words, reading pictures is often times a skill that is thrown away. When reading comics do not focus solely on the words, but also read the pictures.

Book Review: Robot Dreams
Robot Dreams is a perfect comic to start for readers who are new to the genre, however it is filled with such detail that it is a treat for experienced comic readers. Sara Varnon tells a bittersweet story of a dog and a robot who become best friends, but unfortunately a trip to the beach separates the two (as robots and water do not mix). Through the use of pictures alone, Varnon tells the story of the year the robot and the dog are separated(the reader is given words only through the different months, sound effects, and other subtle details). The dog tries to make new friends with a family of ducks, anteaters, a snowman, and a penguin. All of these friendships do not last for one reason or another (usually humorous). All the while the robot who is trapped in his rust covered body at the beach dreams of his old friend and making new friends.

This is a wonderful book filled with great pictures, a well thought out story, and valuable lessons in friendship that is appropriate for all ages. It is often times happy and silly, but there is a nostalgic or melancholic tone to the tale. Varnon incorporates into her story several books, movies, and comics from real life as set dressing (many of which can be found in Lake County Public Libraries).

Works to Look For in Robot Dreams

*Can be found at the Library

-Written by Mike Dodaro

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