Monday, May 4, 2009

Poetry Madness

During National Poetry Month in April teens wrote lots of poems. Many were created with words and pictures from magazines. Others were written during our Twilight program. And then there were the My Space Found poems. Check them out!

My Space poems--just use several of your last updates and compose! Here are some from our T.A.B. meeting:

At a baseball game with weenie
At the library & eating cheetos
Trying to type my paper…not going so well
So what if I’m crazy
So lost in this world, even get lost in this song
At my best friend’s house

Wants to go to the Auto Show
Went to the Auto Show
Wants to be a Red Neck
Got accepted to IUPUI
9 weeks left
I’m on a boat
8 weeks left
6 weeks left
Hurt myself lighting a fire with gas
Lost a lot of hair.

HC won Varsity Tennis Match;
Have a nice Easter.
Today was wondrous
I had a nice time today
Playing varsity doubles tomorrow
Today was incredible.
In Highland
Likes meself some cereal
Walmart’s a fun time.

Or how about these Cinquains from the Twilight program:

Cute, mysterious
Inviting, loving, caring
An incredibly hot vampire
Robert Pattinson

Big, strong
Caring, loving, living
A very funny vampire

Cold, sparkly
Hunting, protecting, bloodsucking
Very cold, beautiful, sparkly

Cinquains are fun to write. You just follow these rules:

1. One word that is a place, a person, an emotion, or an event from the book or movie:

2. Two words that describe that one word:

3. Three ‘ing’ words that describe that one word

4. a four word statement, phrase or sentence that describes that one word.

5. One word synonym of that one word from #1.

Here’s the poem:
#1 is the title of the poem.
2,3,4, & 5 are the 4 sentences of the poem.

Have fun with these. Submit a poem and we will post it on the blog and in our library display case.

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Volunteering @ the Library

Volunteering @ the Library
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Celebrating National Poetry Month

Celebrating National Poetry Month
Teens composed over 50 poems & displayed them using words cut from magazines.