Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Gone by Michael Grant students are sitting in class at school when it seems that all the teachers suddenly disappear. Slowly they begin to realize that it's not just the teachers that are gone. Everyone over the age of 14 has vanished. Now the town is up for grabs as some kids try to run things, others try to steal all they can, and still others really want to help. Sadly almost no one wants to take care of the babies and toddlers left behind, but one does. Then a gang of 'enforcers' kills one of the kids and the others realize that no one is safe. Where are the adults and older kids? Are they all dead? What is happening and why? And even worse, as these kids age--and they all will turn 14 some day--they will vanish too.Reviewed by Linda Johnsen

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Volunteering @ the Library

Volunteering @ the Library
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Celebrating National Poetry Month

Celebrating National Poetry Month
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