Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

Imagine being a survivor after a nuclear holocoust. You survived because your father is a billionaire and he built a luxurious compound to save his family in the event of an attack. The attack came. Your father got you and your mother sisters down into the compound--to safety. But where is your twin brother? Your grandmother? Your dog? Your cat? They didn't make it. But you all have everything you need for the next 15 years. Because that's how long you have to stay in the compound. It won't be safe to leave before then. And you can't. There's a huge steel door and only you dad knows the code to open it. But then after 6 years something has gone wrong with the food supply. But that's ok becuase your dad has a contingent plan. Your mom's been having babies. Your dad calls them "the supplements" and they never leave the room with the yellow door. You've never met them. You don't want to because you know what they are for. But then you connect to the Internet. The Internet! There's not supposed to be any Internet anymore! How could there be? And it's what your dad has told you. If your dad has been lying about that, what else is he lying about?
reviewed by Linda

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Celebrating National Poetry Month
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