Saturday, April 6, 2013

Poetry Madness!

Celebrate National Poetry Month!
It doesn't need to rhyme--
Or even make lots of sense.
(or it could be very deep)

Have fun with words.
Have fun with pictures.
And then...
Pick a prize!

Pick words from a boxful cut from magazines--or cut your own. Arrange them on your choice of paper & you have created poetry! Or...write your own Haiku--or library acrostic. We have lots already on display. Starting this week, try Blackout Poetry. Take an old paperback no one wants (we have some) and pick any page. Begin crossing out words. Then write down the words left and you have your very own blackout poem! 
Like this one:
Sit down
Sitting on a stack of newspapers.
Piano play.
Jokes, singing.

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Want to write a review?

Just see Linda at the Cedar Lake Library. Then start reading and writing! You can earn volunteer time for helping!

Volunteering @ the Library

Volunteering @ the Library
Putting on puppet shows!

Making spiders for storytime fun.

Painting for program games

Making worms for storytimes

Celebrating National Poetry Month

Celebrating National Poetry Month
Teens composed over 50 poems & displayed them using words cut from magazines.